Recent Achievements

Public Policy Partners works diligently with our clients to achieve their short- and long-term goals. Our recent legislative, budget, and policy achievements include:

Health Policy

Expansion of health care benefits for low-income individuals to include addiction treatment.

Promotion of opportunities for community health centers to implement electronic health records.

Expansion of private insurance options for domestic partners as well as the addition of health benefits for the domestic partners of State employees.

Disability and Aging Policy

Access to the State’s long-term care program for individuals with cognitive impairments, such as Alzheimer’s and other related dementias

Establishment of an inclusive stakeholder workgroup to study and make recommendations to reform the delivery and financing of long-term care in Maryland.

Working with Governor O’Malley, creation of a statewide Silver Alert Program within the Department of the State Police to provide a system for rapid dissemination of information to assist in locating a missing person who suffers from a cognitive impairment

Creation of a workgroup to study and make recommendations on ways to increase and improve awareness of end-of-life counseling and hospice care in Maryland.

State Budget

Increases in rates for community service providers in the fields of developmental disabilities, addiction treatment, and mental health.

Protection of funds for the Community Health Resources Commission.

Protection of funds for Youth Services Bureaus.

Restoration of state only funds for the Respite Care Program

Health Occupations Policy

Passage of legislation to streamline the licensure process for out-of-state social workers to ease the current workforce shortage.

Promotion of patient safety measures on behalf of the nursing profession.

Civil Rights

Protection for domestic partners from unfair assessment of recordation and transfer taxes as well as inheritance taxes.

Establishment of patients rights for people in mental health institutions.

Municipal Issues

Protection of the use of Program Open Space funding for existing pipeline projects for small-sized community indoor recreational facilities.

Protection of the ability for municipalities to choose to designate themselves as Sanctuary Cities.

Employment Issues

Establishment of work break requirements for employees in the retail sector.

Housing Issues

Incorporation into State law federal provisions protecting tenants paying rent in houses undergoing foreclosure.



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